Leaving a Legacy in Tunisia and North Africa

Leaving a Legacy in Tunisia and North Africa
June 2013

From listening to God in the church garden during the days of the Revolution in January 2011, Bishop Bill had a vision of leaving a legacy in Tunisia and North Africa which he shared with the pastoral team, the Church Council and the Annual Church Meeting! We have made a commitment to leave a legacy by providing:

Training facilities for future church leaders
The project will provide facilities for the theological training of future leaders of North African Anglican and other communities: seminar rooms and trainer/trainee accommodation.

Community outreach
St. George’s is located in the poor but bustling community of Hafsiya in the centre of Tunis. The project will establish facilities for community outreach to empower local people with vocational skills and English language-learning.

Providing hospitality
With over 300 people worshiping at St. George’s, as well as those who use the premises during the week for other ministries, the current facilities of a tiny kitchen and two shared toilets are insufficient for the church community. The project will provide a larger kitchen facility, modern restrooms, storage space, plus a medium-sized worship space for local groups.

The new facilities will be provided in two blocks built on the St. George’s site – one in the area of the Annex, the other in the area of the current toilets.

The project, estimated to cost $300,000, was launched on 2nd December, 2012 by Bishop Mouneer of the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa.

Please join our efforts for leaving a legacy blessing upon the future church in Tunisia. You can make your pledge in several different ways (in person, by electronic transfer, email, etc) through our Legacy Project donations page, where you will also find our bank account details.

Join us on 29th June 2013 for a major fund-raising event. Thank you!

Judith Ofori (Chair, Fund-raising Committee)

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