On the way to Holy Week! - March 2013

On the way to Holy Week! - March 2013

Palm Sunday’s story is a story that begins with hope and promise and possibility with the charming picture of Jesus entering the holy city on the back of a humble beast of burden. The story turns, however, into despair, darkness and fear. And it is all about choices.

It seems obvious enough that everyone in this story makes choices: the crowd angry and crying out for relief, Pilate trying to find a way through a complicated political mess, Judas succumbing to his darkest self, Simon Peter lying over and over. Everyone makes choices in this story and the amazing thing is, none of them are life-giving, none of them except one – Jesus, the young teacher from Nazareth, that rabble rouser, trouble maker, rule breaker – only he makes a life-giving choice. And even he struggles.

If Jesus were telling his own story, I suspect the hardest part to share, for him, might be the garden part. The garden where he is alone, searching his heart and pleading with the heavens, “Is it possible,” he begs, “that there is another way to do this?”
Palm Sunday provides our way into the holiest of weeks. With intention, let us mark and observe the choices we make. With honesty, let us own those that take life away. With relief, let us embrace those that give life. With gentleness and compassion, let us learn to know the difference. (adapted) +Bill

Sunday Services

in English at 10:30
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Verse of the Day

  • James 1:5

    “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”