Strengthening one another in God! - July & August 2012

Strengthening one another in God! - July & August 2012

On a Sunday in May, after morning services, I was handed a home-made envelope containing a home-made card – a sheet of A4 paper folded in half. The “card” was beautifully decorated in colour, most likely done by a fairly young child, and it said “Hey Bill, Keep up the good work!” I have no idea who made it and got it to me, but it encouraged my heart so much!

Remember Jonathan “strengthening David’s hand in God”, even though it appeared to be Jonathan’s own dad who was causing all the danger in David’s life? That took faith and guts (1 Samuel 23:15-18)!

Four thoughts:

the deepest saints and the strongest leaders need believing comrades to strengthen their hands in God. David was deep, David was strong, and David needed Jonathan.
strengthening a person's hand in God involves conscious effort.
the strength we are to give each other is strength in God, not in ourselves.
the way Jonathan strengthened David's hand in God was to remind him of a promise that God had made.

Read the passage and see what you think. Can we be better strengtheners of one another in God, generous strengtheners of our Tunisian brothers and sisters? Thanks to whoever sent me the card! +Bill

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Verse of the Day

  • Matthew 6:33

    “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”