Update on St Cyprian Project-Feb 2017

Big projects move slowly, and the St Cyprian Centre project is no exception. However, although all may seem quiet, with barely a ripple of movement on the surface, underneath there is a lot of activity going on, steering the process towards it destination.

At the moment we are negotiating the sensitive issue of the tenants in the shops which will need to be demolished before the Centre can be built. For obvious reasons we can’t say much about this issue while it is still in progress, but at the moment we are hopeful that all the associated issues can be resolved. The speed, or slowness, of this process really dictates the rate of progress at this stage. This is an important item for prayer.

However, we are also beginning to look beyond the physical process of the actual construction of the building, to what will happen once it is completed, for the building will only gain a life of its own when it begins to be used for the ministry for which it is being built – and perhaps for ministries as yet unseen and not even thought of. These things need to be developed and planned ahead of time so that once the Centre is built it can be used effectively straight away.

The Church Council has overall responsibility for the Centre, in conjunction with the diocese and the Alexandria School of Theology who will take a particular interest in the St Cyprian Bible School which will be based at the Centre. However, the Church Council will not be able to be involved in the day-today running of the Centre and the anticipated community outreach, and we need to develop a steering group who will be able to take on this aspect of the work: there was a meeting of some potentially interested people just before Christmas.

Please continue to pray for this project, that the vision that conceived it will bear fruit and come to reality soon.

Rev Peter Knight,
Rector, St George's Church, Tunis.

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