St Cyprian Centre Update

St Cyprian Centre News Updates 5th October, 2015:

Thank you for prayers! The architect has produced some redesigns that are acceptable to us. He needs to get approval for them, plus for the facades of the new buildings, from the Institute for National Patrinomy and the Committee for the Protection of the Medina. The needed demolition of the toilets/shops site involves us in negotiations about the status of tenants in the two shops and apartment. Our lawyer is involved with us in these negotiations. All interaction with the Tunis authorities necessarily involves liaising with personnel at the British Embassy—because the title deed of the property is in the name of the British Crown—and that necessity involves us in diplomatic protocols for how things are done when foreign nations are involved! Please continue to pray for miraculous SPEED to a successful outcome:

· design of buildings and of facades to be acceptable to us and to local authorities;

· swift and peaceful negotiations to end of tenancy of shops, one of them illegally sub-let; acceptance by illegal occupant of apartment of the court's decision in our favour;

· completion of dossier for "request to demolish" and acceptance by the relevant local and city authorities of that dossier;

· completion of dossier for "request to build" and acceptance by the relevant local and city authorities of that dossier;

· practical help from British Embassy personnel in all relating to the local/city authorities;

· SWIFT conclusion to above so that our architect can produce detailed drawings ready for seeking tenders from appropriate contractors;

· patience for us and miraculous intervention from the Lord in all aspects of the St Cyprian Centre development.

St Cyprian Centre News Updates 21st September, 2014 :

Thank you for prayers for the current meetings of members of our building committee with the architect involved in (re)designing the St Cyprian Centre. Together we are preparing dossiers requesting demolition of the building where the current toilets are situated. We then need to submit revised drawings for the new build, both on that site and on the Annexe site. Those revised drawings will need to be approved by various local authorities before they can be submitted again to the Municipality. Please continue to pray, especially for our architect. Unfortunately, because the British Government is named on the title deed to the property on which the church stands, all submissions for demolition and rebuilding have to go via the British Embassy to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Municipality. You can imagine what this level of bureaucratic, protocol niceties, etc means in terms of time taken. Please pray for miraculous SPEED to a successful outcome.

St Cyprian Centre News Updates 10th September, 2014:

Thank you for prayers for the recent meeting of Bishop Bill, Pastor Kwame, Balqis and our architect with the two officials at the Central Tunis municipality concerning our proposed designs for the new builds on the church site.

Some misunderstandings were cleared up and clear guidelines were given to us—especially to our architect—about documents needed for inclusion, after consultation with various authorities, plus restrictions about where on our site we may build what.

It means that there is considerable more work to do, including some redesign, but we sense that we are being helped to be on the right track in order to gain permission to build. Please continue to pray, especially for our architect.

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