Our Location

The church and the church office building (including the rector's flat) occupy the same compact site just outside the walls of the medina in downtown Tunis, but have separate entrances on different roads that meet at one corner of the site.

The map below should give you a reasonably good idea where the church is. Parking is difficult near the church during the week, but is easier on a Sunday morning. A map showing off-street parking can be found here.

Please be 'street wise' about your self and your possessions when visiting the church - it is in an area that does have ocassional incidents of petty crime. Since these are almost always opportunistic, please don't provide the opportunity!

Church building   Church offices
195 rue Mongi Slim
Bab Cartagena
  5 rue Ahmed Beyrem
1006 Bab Souika

And yes, despite having completely different addresses, they're on the same site (just with entrances from two different roads)