Ancient Roots - Renewed Lives

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Saturdays 15:00 (Arabic) | Sundays 10:30 (English)

Passionate Worship

Worship is not about procedure or going through the motions, but it is meant to be wild abandonment towards God

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Radical Discipleship

Discipleship is the constant process of us becoming more like the one that we worship. Discipleship requires deep roots, but it also must be animated by the Spirit

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Uncompromising Love

Jesus taught that it is easy to love people who are like us, but His love involves sacrificially giving of ourselves to those who are different,

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Nice to meet you! We are St. George's

This place is a sanctuary for imperfect and broken people to grow close to Jesus, to learn from His life and teachings, to worship God through meaningful liturgy and celebration, and to serve the world and our community with love and respect.

Anglicans in Tunisia

We are a diverse community of many nationalities, languages, and traditions brought together by a shared commitment to Ancient Roots & Renewed Lives.

We are located  in Tunis, Tunisia, but our doors are open to the world.
Whoever you are, wherever life has you at this moment, this dynamic international church is a place for you.

News & Events

Let's grow together by reading God's word. We will read the book of Mark and discuss what it shows us about Jesus and how He transforms our lives. Sundays at 12:30 after the English service.

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7/05/23  |  The Rev. Frank Bernardi
1 Peter 2:1-12
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