As of 20 March 2021, St. George's will resume in-person services. 

- Arabic-language:  3:00 pm on Saturdays
- English-language:  10:30 a.m. on Sundays 
We give thanks to God that Fr. Blair and Elizabeth have been given an 'all clear' from Covid-19 by two doctors. They can fully resume contact, with the usual precautions and look forward to meeting everyone again. 

اعتبارًا من 20 مارس 2021 ، تستأنف خدمات سانت جورج بالالتقاء شخصيًا في الكنيسة.

- اللغة العربية: 3:00 عصرًا أيام  السبت

- اللغة الإنجليزية: 10:30 صباحًا أيام الأحد

نشكر الله أن القس بلير وزوجته إليزابيث على حصولهم  على شهادة طبية  من قبل طبيبين تنص على شفاهم التام من فيروس كوفيد 19 

حيث يمكنهم استئناف الاتصال بالأفراد بشكل كامل ، مع الأخذ بالاحتياطات المعتادة متطلعين  إلى مقابلة الجميع مرة أخرى.

"My St Georges Experience :

I still miss St. George’s Community and Church Tunis. I was a born –again serving Christian for close to 20 years before I joined St. Georges in Tunis. But I learnt a lot from the community. I learnt humility from Bishop Bill, how to be extravagantly in love with God from Sister Hillary; the application of bible truth and reality in cultural context from Rev. Frank, and so many other clergy men including Pastor Kwame.

The patron of the Friends of St Georges writes:


"With the departure of dear friends from the African Development Bank, St George’s suddenly became a much different kind of church – at least in its English-speaking component. I am so grateful to Rev Peter Knight, accompanied by his wife Christine, for their willingness to give leadership as Rector after me of St George’s Anglican Church, Tunis in a period of change and adjustment. Ministry is being sustained and a friendly welcome given to all comers to St George’s. The forming of the Friends of St George’s is such an encouragement to a church that has remained motivated with a big vision but which has suddenly lost so many of its resources.

Our Services

Saturday in Arabic at 3

Sunday in English at 10:30

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Verse of the Day

  • Matthew 6:33

    “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”