Friends of St Georges, Tunis—First Edition

The patron of the Friends of St Georges writes:


"With the departure of dear friends from the African Development Bank, St George’s suddenly became a much different kind of church – at least in its English-speaking component. I am so grateful to Rev Peter Knight, accompanied by his wife Christine, for their willingness to give leadership as Rector after me of St George’s Anglican Church, Tunis in a period of change and adjustment. Ministry is being sustained and a friendly welcome given to all comers to St George’s. The forming of the Friends of St George’s is such an encouragement to a church that has remained motivated with a big vision but which has suddenly lost so many of its resources.

With the reduction in size of the English-speaking element of St George’s, its Arabicspeaking component shines the more brightly. Led by Rev David Rizkalla and his wife Basma, this congregation is growing in love, maturity and numbers. Members of the Arabic-speaking congregation now sit on the Church Council and some of its members have attended diocesan events on behalf of the whole church. Some of the lay members of the congregation have organized – for the past four years – a significant gathering of believers from various fellowships and backgrounds from around Tunisia where they have encouraged and prayed for one another. I am so proud of our Tunisian congregation at St George’s!

Today, there are two licensed North African lay ministers – one in Tunisia and one in Algeria – and more are in the pipeline. Archbishop Mouneer is very enthusiastic for the construction of the St Cyprian Centre in Tunis – it will partly function as a campus in North Africa of the Alexandria School of Theology. His intention is to assist in establishing some course modules in Tunis, for North African Anglicans, even before the building is finished. This will be very exciting!

The African Development Bank members who attended St George’s, along with others, have helped create an inestimable potential for the establishment and growth of Christian believers in Tunisia and elsewhere in North Africa. This is a wonderful thing in our eyes and we thank them and the Lord so much!

Continued sustenance of St George’s through the Friends of St George’s will assist the smaller, more impoverished church today to carry successfully the big vision with which it is entrusted. Thank you for your prayers and support!

In Christ,

+Bill "

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