Friends of St Georges, Tunis—Easter Edition

"My St Georges Experience :

I still miss St. George’s Community and Church Tunis. I was a born –again serving Christian for close to 20 years before I joined St. Georges in Tunis. But I learnt a lot from the community. I learnt humility from Bishop Bill, how to be extravagantly in love with God from Sister Hillary; the application of bible truth and reality in cultural context from Rev. Frank, and so many other clergy men including Pastor Kwame.

The St. Georges ladies were a pure gift from God. I served with them and learnt a lot from them. I learnt about service, commitment, love, fellowship, zeal, Agape and thoroughness. I miss all my sisters; some we still see in Abidjan, some we may never see on this side of heaven again; but I carry all your faces in my heart wherever I go.

Sometimes, I still pray for your individually; sometimes I remember our mini squabbles during our meetings, and I laugh trying to remember what the disagreement was about. In my current church in Abidjan there is a sizable number of former St. Georges and I am proud to say most of us are serving at different levels in the church. Thanks Bishop Bill and Sister Hilary for all that you sowed into our lives.

Awuese Oku "

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