Christian Heritage, Carthage

Many of the archeological sites in the Carthage area of Tunis tell or reflect the story of the Gospel's arrival, penetration and transformation into "Church" in North Africa.

Plan of Christian Sites in CarthageThese webpages are designed to enhance your understanding of, and visit to these historic sites. The original article is available for download, and was written to facilitate a reflective visit to some of the Christian sites of Carthage. I am grateful to others for their stimulating input and help. Any errors or inaccuracies in what follows are mine alone. Your feedback is very welcome! +Bill


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General introduction
The Tophet of Salammbó
Roman Villas
St Cyprian's Basilica
Antonine Baths
Damous-el-Karita Basilica
Baths of Gargilius
Final thoughts
The Amphitheatre in Carthage (J Nealy, CC BY-SA 2.5)

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