Prayer is a part of our lives as followers of Jesus. In praying we come before our creator and share what's on our hearts with Him. We also create a space where, amazingly, He can share what's on His heart with us. The Bible encourages us to find a quiet place to pray (Matthew 6:6) - the church garden at St George's is open during the week if you want to come and pray there, or find a quiet place at home, or a quiet moment at the office, or in the traffic jam, or... Jesus said "When you pray..." (Luke 11:1-13). We hope these resources linked below will encourage you to meet with God, to pray, and to be changed:

  • Pray4Tunisia - sign up for a daily encouragement to pray for Tunisia, with testimony, video and help on how to be involved in helping God's church grow in Tunisia

Prayer changes things - not only the things around us, but things inside us. If you would like to talk more with one of the leaders of St George's, feel free to get in touch.

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Verse of the Day

  • Matthew 20: 17-19

    “[Jesus Predicts His Death a Third Time] Now Jesus was going up to Jerusalem. On the way, he took the Twelve aside and said to them, “We are going up to Jerusalem, and the Son of Man will be delivered[…]